Finding An Exotic Pet Veterinarian

Finding An Exotic Pet Veterinarian

Exotic Pet Care Broken Arrow OK

Where to Find an Exotic Pet Veterinarian in Broken Arrow, OK

Finding the ideal exotic pet veterinarian can be a challenge and might not seem that vital when your pet is healthy, however the effort will be well worth it if your pet should fall ill!  At Village Vet  we have been treating exotic pets for years and have clients who travel across Oklahoma and from neighboring states like Texas, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas to have us treat their dogs, cats, hermit crabs, tarantulas, fish, peacocks, hamsters, ferrets, guinea pigs, non-domestic cats, chinchillas. rats, hedge hogs, reptiles, lizards, pet birds, non-domestic birds, hawks, falcons, eagles, swans, geese, ducks, ostriches, emus, rheas, you name it.

Developing an excellent working relationship with a vet can be a difficulty for any pet owner, but is an unique challenge for the exotic pet owner. The exotic pet owner has to discover a exotic pet veterinarian who is willing to see their pet, knows something about their pet, and has the centers, devices and materials to treat their pet.

An interest in exotics doesn’t necessarily equivalent effectiveness in treating them. Most veterinarians do not treat exotic pets and will usually refer a patient to one nearby.. If at all possible, attempt to find a vet who concentrates on exotics and has taken specialized training (e.g. a residency in exotic animal medicine, or one who is board licensed in an exotics specialty).

Such professionals can be difficult to come by, so the next best is somebody who has great deal of experience dealing with exotic pets. Ask a potential vet about their training, credentials, and subscriptions in specialized companies such as the Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV) or the Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians (ARAV). At the very least, choose a vet with a real interest in exotic species and who wants to discover them and who will certainly talk to a professional when needed.

Individual recommendation or word of mouth is probably the most effective way of finding a vet. Pals, breeders, or companies (e.g. the regional herpetological society, other clubs) are good starting points. Other places to find a exotic pet veterinarian include the yellow pages/phone directory sites (try to find clinics that specifically advertise that they treat exotics), the state/provincial veterinary association directory, or perhaps websites that have veterinary directories (consisting of the AAV and ARAV sites discussed above). Several species particular websites have areas where readers can send contact info for vets they have actually used.

Most significantly, do not wait until an emergency to discover a vet. If your pet ought to ill, a exotic pet veterinarian with whom you feel comfy and who is comfortable handling your pet will certainly make the scenario less demanding. An initial check up is well advised for any new pet and this is a great chance to see how a vet manages your pet and how comfy they are with your pet, and also to see if you and the vet make an excellent match – in some cases there is a personality clash and you will not establish an excellent rapport with a specific vet.

A vet familiar with exotics will invest a bargain of time talking about the care and husbandry of a specific pet, as many problems with exotic pets are related to improper diet plan or husbandry. The vet ought to also appear positive handling your pet.

There are several criteria which can be made use of to evaluate a practice in general and the following web pages go over these in detail:

– How to Find an Avian Veterinarian – practical tips for finding a veterinarian- tailored toward bird owners but also applicable to any exotic types.

For exotics there are more certain considerations, consisting of:

  •  special training or continuing education related to exotic pet medication
  •  how typically exotic types are seen in their practice
  •  unique centers or devices to handle exotic pets
  •  experience (individual or professional) and familiarity with the husbandry and medicine of a particular species