About Village Vet Animal Clinic

We are a full-service veterinary hospital in Broken Arrow, OK, offering compassionate care to animals of all species.

Two dogs are sitting together

About Our Animal Clinic

We offer experienced and considerate care for dogs, cats, and non-domestic pets including rabbits, ferrets, pocket pets, reptiles, and amphibians.

Village Vet Animal Clinic was founded in 1986 and has served the Broken Arrow community every day since. At one time, Village Vet Animal Clinic was one of the only practices offering exotic pet medicine. While many veterinarians will see pocket pets, we are the only clinic with an entire team dedicated to the health and care of reptiles and amphibians.

Turtle with feeding tube

We provide preventative medicine, dental care, diagnostics, and soft tissue surgery on all species that we treat. We offer radiography, dental radiography, and ultrasound services. For your convenience, we invite you to leave your pet with us on the way to work for medical service completion during your workday. 

We stand out from other clinics because we provide a growth-based learning atmosphere for every person who enters. We work hard to maintain our staff members’ education and motivation. We’ll ensure you know how to bring your pet home and keep their happiness, health, and pain-free lifestyle.

To share our extensive experience and learn about advanced concepts in the industry, we make it a point to host students during their veterinary education. Additionally, we take great pride in our partnership with Union Public Schools and their Career Connect initiative.