Located in Broken Arrow We’re here when you need us: 7 days a week with extended hours. Same day appointments are available at our animal clinic for all pets, from birds and lizards to dogs and cats. Phones are answered 24/7 for emergency care.


Your Pets. Our Family. We take pride in the careful attention we pay to each client. When you come to us, you can be sure that everyone at Village Vet Animal Clinic is working tirelessly to meet the needs of your pet.


When it Matters Most. The team at Village Vet Animal Clinic will treat your pet with the care we would expect or our own pets. With in-house diagnostics while you wait, your pet will receive the very best care with fast and accurate results.


Each of our team members is also a proud pet owner. But this is just a part of the reason why they know so much about animals. Here’s a small preview for you, a little exposé on the most popular types of household pets with descriptions and their main traits outlined!


Allergy Care

Allergies can affect our four-legged friends much as we do. Allergy care medication can be customized for your pet to relieve itching and other aggravating


EXAMS AND VACCINATIONS Allowing Village Vet Animal Clinic to examine your pet annually and keep the vaccinations you need up to date can help your

Veterinary Diagnostics at Village Vet Animal Clinic

Veterinary Diagnostics Here at Village Vet Animal Clinic, we provide our clients  with the best medical care for their pets and have some of the

Emergency Animal Hospital | What to Do in a Pet Emergency

  Call an Emergency Animal Hospital in Broken Arrow If your pet has a medical emergency, you’re the ambulance, so you need to get your

Dog Breath?  It’s Time for a Pet Dental Exam

If you have noticed bad breath or dog breath from your cat or dog, it may be time to see your Broken Arrow veterinarian. When

Boarding Pets in Broken Arrow – Give Your Pet A Safe and Happy Experience

Tips On Boarding Pets in Broken Arrow Boarding pets in Broken Arrow, OK is one thing, as pet owners, most of us will need to


Pet Wellness Exams Protect Your Family And Pets

Secure Your Household And Pets Against Shared Threats There are numerous ways that having a pet can support your health. Animals offer emotional support, help people exercise and aid the disabled. That is why pet wellness should be taken into utmost importance. On the other hand, family pets (and other animals) can also spread diseases to

Pet Antifreeze Poisoning

Many household items are most likely toxic to dogs and cats (see also toxins). Pet Antifreeze poisoning is one of the most problematic toxic products for a number of good reasons: Antifreeze is typically replaced by do-it-yourself mechanics who may allow the coolant to drain into the street where family pets can drink it. Antifreeze

Tips to Keep your Pets Safe During Cold Weather

You’re probably already aware of the risks posed by warm weather and leaving pets in hot cars, but did you know that cold weather also poses serious threats to your pets’ health? Here are some winter pet tips to keep your pets safe during cold weather: Winter wellness: Has your pet had his/her preventive care exam