Reptile Pets : What Are Some of the Best Reptiles to Have for Pets?

Reptile Pets : What Are Some of the Best Reptiles to Have for Pets?

Best Reptile Pets Broken Arrow, OKKeeping a reptile may be one of the interesting things you want to do. But before you run into a pet store in Broken Arrow or catch one yourself, understand first what reptile pets are and evaluate if you can manage to keep them as pets.

Adult reptiles are known for a body covered with either scutes or scales. They are cold-blooded animals; their body temperature is affected by the temperature of the environment.

They may be beautiful to look at but you should know that they are not as easy to take care of as you think they are. They have specific food and living requirements you need to provide, otherwise you are just putting their lives in distress.

But if you believe you will be able to manage to provide their needs then here are the reptile pets that both beginner and experienced reptile owners recommend.

  • Leopard Gecko

 These lizards are best suited for those who are still starting on reptiles. Their small size makes it easy for the owner to handle them. Because of their small bodies they can fit in small tanks.

  • Bearded dragon

 This docile creature is easy to handle. However, they need a large tank to fit in and they need UV lighting. This is also a good choice for a beginner.

  • Iguana

Raising an iguana in Broken Arrow can be challenging, a reason why it is not recommended for beginners. Only those experienced owners should keep an iguana because they require strict feeding and housing. Their large size and their tendency to become aggressive as they grow older make them even more difficult to tame for beginners.

Despite these considerations, they still make a good pet for those experienced reptile owners.

  • Chameleon

Chameleons can easily mimic the color of their surroundings. Their feeding and environmental requirements are quite specific making it challenging even for experienced reptile owners.

  • Corn Snakes

 A corn snake is a good choice for beginners. They are docile creatures and they come in a variety of colors and patterns.

But before buying a snake in a pet store, make sure to check with the Broken Arrow regulations and authorities if you are allowed to raise the snake in your house.

  • Ball Pythons

 They are called “ball pythons” because when threatened, they roll themselves into a tight ball and tuck their head inside their coils. They can be raised by beginners. They can reach up to 5 feet long. They are quite docile and easy to handle.

  • Red Eared Slider

In general, turtles are not the typical easy-to-care and low maintenance pets you may have always thought of. However, if you are a type of person who can handle a long term commitment and if you raise no kids at home, then a turtle can be an option for you.

The red-eared slider can make a beautiful pet. But they have special living requirements. Ask your exotic animal veterinarian in Broken Arrow for information on how to take care of turtles—space and housing requirements, diet and hygiene.

As with all exotic pets, raise only captive bred reptiles. Those that come from the wild experience a lot of stress when captured and kept in cages or tanks. They may even die because of so much stress. Reptiles from the wild are also more likely to harbor parasites and/or organisms that might cause disease.

When raising reptile pets, you need to be aware there are diseases that can be transmitted from pet reptiles and amphibians to humans. So make sure to purchase only healthy animals, practice good hygiene and have them examined first by a vet in Broken Arrow. Regular health examinations are also necessary to keep your reptile pets healthy.

For your pet’s health examinations and for information on proper ways of taking care of your reptile pets, visit your exotic animal veterinarian in Broken Arrow at Village Vet Animal Clinic or set an appointment by calling 918-258-0040.

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