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There is now a way to extend your pets life with joints that are pain free and working again. Village Vet Animal Clinic is one of a select few of veterinary practices in Oklahoma to offer Stem Cell Treatment for your pet.

Allergies can affect our four-legged friends much as we do. Allergy medication can be customized for your pet to relieve itching and other aggravating symptoms.

Allowing Village Vet Animal Clinic to examine your pet annually and keep the vaccinations you need up to date can help your pet have a longer, healthier life.

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We have an on-site radiology endoscope, other imagery services and our in house laboratory can help you now. No more waiting for results. Faster, accurate results lead to a faster diagnosis that can get better quicker with happier pets and pet owners.

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You can reach us when you need to. In addition to our normal hours, availability 7 days a week, Village Vet Animal Clinic is available for after hours emergencies.

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Bad breath is not normal for dogs and cats. It’s actually a symption of oral problems you can fix before the loss of teeth. Teeth cleaning, polishing, oral surgery and tooth supporter extractions can help keep your pet’s mouth healthy and their breath fresh!

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What better place to leave your pet when you can’t be home than with a veterinarian? We’ll love on your pet like they were our own, and if a medical emergency should arise while you’re away, you can be confident that we’ll be there to take care of it.

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Your pet reptile, amphibian, invertebrate, fish, birds or mammal is always welcome at Village Vet Animal Clinic. You will get the best information about care and feeding here.

Thousands of studies have been done to verify the positive effects of laser therapy for pets. Laser Therapy is utilized to treat pain and inflammation, wound healing, and mobility for joint problems. Your pet will be available during the pain free treatments and will usually feel relief right away.

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A one-time procedure of placing the chip implant under the skin will give you a lifetime of confidence in knowing your pet can be identified if your dog or cat is found and taken to a vet’s office or animal shelter.

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Full Service grooming is available by appointment. Everything from regular bathing to seasonal grooming to a Shed Less treatment to keep the fur in your home under control are offered by our knowledgeable and caring grooming staff.

Prevention of heartworms, fleas, ticks, flies and mosquitos can save your pet from potentially fatal diseases. We recommend annual testing to avoid serious and costly health issues for your dog or cat.


Cat Nails : Trimming Your Cat’s Nails (The No Fear Way)

Pound for pound, your cute and cuddly cat packs a punch way above her weight.  In addition to sharp teeth and fast reflexes, cats are quite agile.  Unfortunately, cat scratches come with the territory.  They aren’t cute – especially when those scratches are on your arm, your face, the drapes, and expensive furniture! Have your cat nails trimmed. Scratching or “sharpening” is normal feline behavior.  It’s so ingrained in their brains that even declawed cats will go through scratching motions.  In the past, the solution to a scratchy cat was simple – declaw them, an amputation process that involves removing part of the bone that holds the claw.  But today, cat parents and vets see this as a last resort.  The complications arising from declawing (pain, increased tendency to bite, and behavioral changes) strongly outweigh the benefits.  And since cats walk on the tips of their toes, declawing changes the

Nail and Beak Trims- Why This Is Important for Your Pets

Pet owners are quite intimidated with the thought of beak, nail, and wing trims.  For good reason! Birds, dogs, cats, and even turtles aren’t exactly ecstatic to have anything snipped. But getting beak trims, these done on a regular basis are musts.  Here’s why. WHY DO BIRDS and TURTLES NEED BEAK TRIMS?   A bird and turtle’s beak, just like fingernails or toenails, are made up of living tissues.  The top and bottom beak are both made of bone and are protected by a layer of skin and a growing hard keratin outer layer.  The beak tip holds nerve endings and blood vessels – which is why the tip is sensitive to pain and likely to bleed when injured. Birds use their beaks to hold on to things, balance, groom, and eat. As the beak grows, the hard, outer layer is eventually worn down by chewing and digging.  In the

Pocket Pet Care

If you have a pocket pet (pets such as guinea pigs, hamsters, hedge hogs and others), you have most likely come to recognize that there is a little more to their care than you might have originally thought. These furry little critters can steal your hearts just as much as any dog or cat, and they require planning by us in order to ensure that they receive proper care.