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Allergies can affect our four-legged friends much as we do. Allergy medication can be customized for your pet to relieve itching and other aggravating symptoms.

Allowing Village Vet Animal Clinic to examine your pet annually and keep the vaccinations you need up to date can help your pet have a longer, healthier life.

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We have an on-site radiology endoscope, other imagery services and our in house laboratory can help you now. No more waiting for results. Faster, accurate results lead to a faster diagnosis that can get better quicker with happier pets and pet owners.

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You can reach us when you need to. In addition to our normal hours, availability 7 days a week, Village Vet Animal Clinic is available for after hours emergencies.

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Bad breath is not normal for dogs and cats. It’s actually a symption of oral problems you can fix before the loss of teeth. Teeth cleaning, polishing, oral surgery and tooth supporter extractions can help keep your pet’s mouth healthy and their breath fresh!

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What better place to leave your pet when you can’t be home than with a veterinarian? We’ll love on your pet like they were our own, and if a medical emergency should arise while you’re away, you can be confident that we’ll be there to take care of it.

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Your pet reptile, amphibian, invertebrate, fish, birds or mammal is always welcome at Village Vet Animal Clinic. You will get the best information about care and feeding here.

Thousands of studies have been done to verify the positive effects of laser therapy for pets. Laser Therapy is utilized to treat pain and inflammation, wound healing, and mobility for joint problems. Your pet will be available during the pain free treatments and will usually feel relief right away.

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A one-time procedure of placing the chip implant under the skin will give you a lifetime of confidence in knowing your pet can be identified if your dog or cat is found and taken to a vet’s office or animal shelter.

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Full Service grooming is available by appointment. Everything from regular bathing to seasonal grooming to a Shed Less treatment to keep the fur in your home under control are offered by our knowledgeable and caring grooming staff.

Prevention of heartworms, fleas, ticks, flies and mosquitos can save your pet from potentially fatal diseases. We recommend annual testing to avoid serious and costly health issues for your dog or cat.


Diabetes in Pets: 6 Warning Signs that Your Pet May Have Diabetes

Diabetes in pets or simply pet diabetes is one of those diseases that tend to become “full blown” before we are aware there is a problem.  This is a bad one when neglected, but if early diagnosis is made and treatment is started, pet diabetes can usually be controlled and the afflicted pet will be able to live a relatively normal life. Early detection is of the utmost importance to manage this condition, so here are some pet diabetes signs for you to watch for  diabetes in your dog or cat. Pet Diabetes Signs in Your Dog or Cat Drinking a lot of water: Of course it is natural for your pet to drink more water in the hot weather or after a rigorous work-out or a long walk, but excessive drinking throughout the day even when just lying around the house, may be a signal to check for diabetes in your

Stop Fleas and Ticks in Broken Arrow – 4 Ways to Beat Them

Protect Your Pets from Fleas and Ticks The scourge of fleas and ticks in Broken Arrow is one of the biggest problems that Green Country pets and pet owners face.  This year’s mild winter and early and unusually warm spring are already making this an especially tough season. So how do you beat fleas and ticks in Broken Arrow and protect your pets? Fleas are perhaps the biggest nemesis your dog or cat has.  A single flea in one day can bite a dog or a cat 400 times, consume twice it’s weight in your pet’s blood and cause disease and skin problems.  Fleas can lay hundreds of eggs at a time and very quickly a few fleas can become a few hundred, causing great stress and irritation to your pet and your household. Pets who constantly scratch to get rid of fleas can cause permanent hair loss or other

Pet First Aid Awareness Month in Broken Arrow

April is American Red Cross Pet First Aid Awareness Month. Take a minute to review pet first aid tips so you can care for your furry friend should an emergency occur.  Feel free to contact your Broken Arrow Veterinarians at Village Vet Animal Clinic for more information on putting together a first aid kit for your pet. Pets are an important part of many families, and April is American Red Cross Pet First Aid Awareness Month is the perfect time to ensure you have the skills to take care of your furry family member. Pet First Aid Tips Do you know what to do during a pet emergency? Here are some common emergency tips: To determine if your cat or dog is dehydrated, pull up on the skin between the shoulder blades. It should spring right back; if it stays tented this is a sign of dehydration. Signs of pet