Caught my cat eating a rat in the yard and ..

..since then I simply can’t let him inside the house anymore and especially on my bed. I understand that’s his nature and I should be proud and fulfilled he’s doing his job fine but how can I let a creature that touches and puts in his belly these disgusting and full of cancers rodents touch me? Cat is about 7 months old and properly vaccinated& parasites treated properly. I wonder if anyone has similar concerns/ experience and their reaction/ answer. He’s a great predator and I can tell by his rapid size and obvious weight increase he simply can’t have enough hunting. He doesn’t only chase them to play, he fees them all and foliages not a bone( thankfully) despite I feed him regularly. I am grateful that he cleans my yard and I wish to show it to him but instead , now I kick him out of house. Really I need opinions.

EDIT: To all who were kind enough to comment, please give me some tips-off that can change my mindset about the cat mice business and health dangers. FYI I already am a dog owner, and the cat was “ve brought” by my live-in gf. Took an effort to get them go well together, which is already achieved. So I do have reasons to keep the cat, and I will, at least as long he stays in the yard. The thing is, do you have any arguments to help me accept the facts? Am I wrong to worry about the dangers involved? In what logic you skip these concerns?

EDIT II Ignoring the responses documenting that few obviously mixture animal love with human hatred, still not an on-subject documented response. Maybe r/ cats is the wrong place to reason real facts about cats finally.

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