Nail and Beak Trims- Why Your Pets NEED to Get These Done

Nail and Beak Trims- Why Your Pets NEED to Get These Done

Pet owners are quite intimidated with the thought of beak, nail, and wing trims.  For good reason! Birds, dogs, cats, and even turtles aren’t exactly ecstatic to have anything snipped.

But getting beak trims, these done on a regular basis are musts.  Here’s why.


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A bird and turtle’s beak, just like fingernails or toenails, are made up of living tissues.  The top and bottom beak are both made of bone and are protected by a layer of skin and a growing hard keratin outer layer.  The beak tip holds nerve endings and blood vessels – which is why the tip is sensitive to pain and likely to bleed when injured.

Birds use their beaks to hold on to things, balance, groom, and eat. As the beak grows, the hard, outer layer is eventually worn down by chewing and digging.  In the wild, birds and turtles are presented with opportunities to wear down their beaks.  But those kept as pets are prone to beak overgrowth.

This overgrowth can lead to disease, nutritional deficiencies, metabolic issues (such as liver disease), as well as viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections of the beak tissue.


Dogs, cats, and birds aren’t the nicest when it comes to nail trimming. But it’s something that must be done.  You may notice that their nails are growing too long when they pounce on you, scratch the floor, rip furniture, or injure another.

When our four-legged friends’ nails are too long, their ability to walk and run correctly is hampered.  Long nails can curl under and become very painful for your pet.  They can adapt their gait but long nails will eventually make their feet and legs sore.

Birds aren’t exempted.  Overgrown nails will make perching difficult.  It also increases the chance of having their nails caught on clothing or even carpet.


Birds have been known to fly into windows, pots of boiling soups, ceiling fans, grass mowers, and the like.  As a responsible pet owner, you need to protect them by trimming their wings.

A proper trim will allow your pet bird to exercise its muscles and glide to a landing. It shouldn’t hamper your bird from flying but it should prevent it from reaching a certain altitude.  Some pet owners decide to do this themselves.  But improper technique presents unnecessary risk.  If done incorrectly, the bird won’t have control and could even injure himself.

Give your pets the tender, loving care they deserve with regular beak, nail, and wing trims.

Beak, nail, and wing trims are FREE OF CHARGE with the purchase of an exam. Offer ends July 31st.

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