Learn to be the Pet Hospice Caregiver Your Pet Deserves

Learn to be the Pet Hospice Caregiver Your Pet Deserves

Pet hospice Broken Arrow OKIf you’re a dog parent, you’ve either already faced the death of a beloved pet, or at some point you will. here are 5 ways to be the Pet Hospice Caregiver.

If you’ve lost a canine family member, you know it can be an extremely painful experience. In fact, many people are surprised by the overwhelming grief they feel when a dog dies.

Because the loss is felt so sharply, many dog parents brave enough to open their hearts to a new pet live in fear of “the next time.” We know the day will come when it’s time to say good-bye to another precious companion.

That’s why we often have a tough time coping with the news that a current pet is now also at the end of his or her life.

Like many people, when the time comes, you may choose palliative care (comfort care) rather than aggressive treatment for an older dog with a terminal illness, and so you enter into a period of caring for a furry family member in his final days. You know what’s coming, and it can take a heavy emotional toll.

It’s important at such times to understand that while your grief and sadness may feel suffocating, there is hope. Licensed professional counselor Chris Corrigan Mendez, M.Ed., LPC, NCC, offers this reassurance in an article for Dogster:

“You can, while accepting and understanding the presence of your negative feelings, also invite in those that are more positive, supportive and comforting.”1

To make your remaining time with your pet the best it can be, Mendez offers five suggestions to help you maintain your emotional health and strengthen the bond you share with your pet during this crucial period.

Pet Hospice : 5 Ways to Stay Emotionally Healthy When Your Dog Is Terminally Ill

1.Stay present in the moment

It’s easy to occupy your mind with regrets about the past or fear of what’s to come, but when you let yourself go there, you’re missing the here and now with your dog. Your canine companion, by example, can help you stay present and live for today.

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