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Stem Cell Treatment

There is now a way to extend your pets life with joints that are pain free and working again. Village Vet Animal Clinic is one

Allergy Care

Allergies can affect our four-legged friends much as we do. Allergy medication can be customized for your pet to relieve itching and other aggravating symptoms.


Allowing Village Vet Animal Clinic to examine your pet annually and keep the vaccinations you need up to date can help your pet have a

Veterinary Diagnostics at Village Vet Animal Clinic

Veterinary Diagnostics Here at Village Vet Animal Clinic, we provide our clients  with the best medical care for their pets and have some of the

Emergency Animal Hospital | What to Do in a Pet Emergency

  Call an Emergency Animal Hospital in Broken Arrow If your pet has a medical emergency, you’re the ambulance, so you need to get your

Dog Breath?  It’s Time for a Pet Dental Exam

If you have noticed bad breath or dog breath from your cat or dog, it may be time to see your Broken Arrow veterinarian. When

Boarding Pets in Broken Arrow – Give Your Pet A Safe and Happy Experience

Tips On Boarding Pets in Broken Arrow Boarding pets in Broken Arrow, OK is one thing, as pet owners, most of us will need to

Exotic Pet Veterinarian in Broken Arrow

Looking For An Exotic Pet Veterinarian in Broken Arrow? If you own any exotic pets such as birds, reptiles, ferrets, rabbits, hedgehogs and other pocket

Laser Therapy Available for Broken Arrow Cats and Dogs

Village Vet Animal Clinic in Broken Arrow, OK is pleased to provide class IV laser therapy treatment to our clients as a reliable treatment for many

Pet Microchip Has Many Benefits for Dogs and Cats

Every pet owner wants to keep his or her beloved cat or dog as safe as possible. You do everything you can to make certain

Dog Grooming Helps Promote Good Dog Health

Similar to a shiny head of hair suggests health for us people, a shiny coat of fur on a dog means your dog is in

Flea Prevention – What Pet Owners Need to Know

Fleas and ticks aren’t just irritating and distasteful; they can cause medical problems. Flea allergies can cause severe itching and skin damage; fleas can likewise


Can Dogs Eat Turkey?

Thanksgiving, for most families, is all about the bird. Hours go into the roasting and basting, and once the feast is over, there are turkey sandwiches, turkey potpies, and dog turkey casseroles to make. In the midst of all of that leftover turkey, it is tempting to slip our dogs some meat, or even to

Cat Flu – Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

Did You Know that Cats Can Get the Flu Too? Influenza (Flu) is not just about people. Your cat may also get this viral infection. Although most cats recover completely from influenza(Cat Flu), it can be particularly difficult in young, older or immune-deficient cats. Causes of Cat Flu The symptoms of influenza are often caused

Pocket Pet Care

If you have a pocket pet (pets such as guinea pigs, hamsters, hedge hogs and others), you have most likely come to recognize that there is a little more to their care than you might have originally thought. These furry little critters can steal your hearts just as much as any dog or cat, and they

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